About Us

Welcome to the official website of the Medical Association of Namibia. We are a voluntary association for medical doctors registered and practicing in Namibia, that was established in 1990, although we have represented the medical fraternity as an association for over 4 decades!

We have had an illustrious history over the last twenty years, seeing this great South land of Namibia becoming independent and go through numerous changes on all fronts, from cultural to financial to social changes. We have had a closely knit relationship with the Ministry of Health and Social Services over this time, attempting to facilitate on all fronts towards Vision 2030. We continue to endeavour in every way possible to uplift the vocation of Medicine by our fraternity to all sectors of our Namibian community

Our mandate includes....

  • Representing the medical fraternity in all matters legislative and/or of a medico legal nature
  • Overseeing Continued Professional Development initiatives, include our annual MAN Congress, and member certification of all CPD events
  • bridging the gap between the State and Private Health sectors, as regards CPD, Medical Aid funds, and Government Initiatives
  • facilitating the process of co-operation that continues between the Ministry of Health and the medical fraternity
  • protecting the interests of the public, as regards Public Health initiatives and Private Medical Care
  • building and maintaining a communication platform for all parties interested/affected by the medical fraternity.
  • providing a platform for communication and interaction between all health professionals, including Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, and all the other allied health care professionals.
  • seeking to push forward the relationship between the Doctors of Namibia and the International Fraternity liaising with and through us.

We are governed by a Board of Directors, with a yearly election to determine the positions of both the Chairman and the Chief Executive, as well as the members of the Board. The office consists of 2 staff members covering all administrative tasks. Office location: Wasserberg Park, Unit 9, corner of Jan Jonker & Sam Nujoma Drive in Klein Windhoek.

Please enjoy our website, come and visit our offices and/or send us your comments Dr Armid Azadeh, CE of MAN .